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Lists of Services Provided By Us


Our ambulance service is available 24x7 for any sort of emergency situation.


Scheduling your journey or transporting your goods, Attend Logistics is there for you.

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Who Attend Pvt. Ltd. are

Attend is a digital platform that aims at bridging the gap between service provider and service seeker. We are here to serve individuals as well as businesses of all weights and sizes. In addition to our other services, users can also benefit from us being third party service operator to bring consumers and suppliers together on a single platform through our app, website and telephone, users can enjoy our services at their fingertips. Our services focus on B2B and B2C models which gives us the flexibility to even serve as B2B2C.

Why Choose Us

There are many other companies like us in the market, but what stands us out is the fact that we deliver when it matters the most. We provide multiple services like Ride sharing, Logistics, Taxi and Ambulance through single platform, our services are just a click away.


Consistently good in quality and performance.


Solving more than one of your problem.


It's not the quantity but the quality that best describes our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Attend is an online platform that streamlines the transportation system in Nepal, by directly connecting customers with service provider through "Attend" mobile application.  The application can quickly and efficiently book; a scooter, Taxi, SUV, Luxury car, Lorry for a short distance, or cross country, with the click of a button.  No negiotiation, no hassle, no proplems.  This is a safe, secure business tool to increasy your efficiency and productivity.

Yes it is extremely safe!  Atttend has researched all drivers, and service providers to ensure only the most professional and safe drivers and equipment are used to provide your transportation.  Live tracking is monitored on every trip, ensuring the greatest transparancy and safety or our customers and service providers.

Yes, it is the most reliable service in the industry.  Online scheduling and planning, with built in reminders combine to remove human error from causing missing confirmed bookings.  Estimated Time of Arrival, and live online tacking provide the customer with piece of mind, and a visal confirmation of the drivers progress.    

For decades businesses and individuals have wanted to have solid, scalable and repeatable transportation. The supply of materials from one location to another has never been easy. Weather transporting vegetables, furniture, home appliances or construction materials. The service to the customer has never been able to meet their expectations. This is because other service providers use old and outdated methods of logistics & transportation, this results in slow, inefficient, and unreliable service. Now it's time for a change, by using state of the art GPS and mobile technologies, Attend can deliver superior logistics solutions at affordable prices. An innovative and transparent system that removes all the difficulties and provides huge advantages! 

- GPS tracking

- Dispatching

- Vehicle Navigation

- Assurance

- Proof of Delivery


And much, much more. Attend is the new mindset, a digital ecosystem that bridges the gap by providing the digital platform to Companies and individuals for unified transportationa and logistics solutions for the future. Attend; One For All!!

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